I'm Joanna Wright Founder of GiftofLifeForThe Poor.

We are an orginization that provides housing fot the homeless and jobs for the jobless.  We have many businesses that we have created to provide jobs.  We have transitional homes for them to live in a group home setting while they are trained to be productive citizens in society.

It is a requirement to go through our Massive Training to get our assistance.  This training is also now available to the public.  So if you don't need housing and a job you are still welcome to go through this training to become rich.  This training is FREE to anyone that wants to be set free from the bonds of poverty and become rich.  There is things you don't know about that keep you from moving to the next level to a better income. This Knowledge gives you the Power to go to the next step to wealth.  And then to the next step for more income.  The training process is to watch, pause and do.  You get to the next step faster with video training for you to pause and go do it as you go through the training.  I have seen so many people pay for training they never get around to doing because they watch the videos all the way through and say I will do it later.  The problem is later never comes.  We don't want that to happen to you.


Click the following link to watch our fundraiser video to learn all about us and our purpose & mission, the problem we solve in the homeless community.  You will also learn what we are doing to take our purpose & mission to the next level.

GiftofLifeForThePoor Fundraiser

Joanna Wright

Founder of


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