Jobs For The Jobless

GiftofLifeForThePoor provides work at home jobs.  You are trained through our MASSIVE TRAINING how to earn a six-figure income the first year.  Sign up below for our MASSIVE TRAINING to began your first step.  Then come back to this page to click on the job you would like to start first.  With the training we provide you will be able to do as many jobs as you want.  So sign up for them all if you would like.


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ZBlackCard Post.jpg

This is a sleeve that your id is stored in for medical emergencies.  This product can be marketed to individuals or schools, fire and police departments and other organizations for their fundraiser.  Be sure to sign up for your MASSIVE TRAINING for a way to find organizations on an automation software to market to the masses.  Click Here for more information.

The ZBlackCard is a great way to make lots of money because people love saving money from no fee banking.  At the same time get paid to invite others to save money with no fee banking.  Just think about it.  If your bank now paying you to use your money?  No you pay them.  So it makes sense to change to a bank that pays you to use your own money.  Click here for more information.

Ztegrity is the name of the company for all 5 of these products.  Click Here to become a affiliate.

ZPetTag helps pet lovers offer a $100 reward if their pet is lost or stolen to help them find their pet.  Pet owners will love you for letting them know about this great product.  Click Here for more information.

zScholars is a great product for teach children 4 life lessons.  Click Here for more information.

This is our z2be fundraiser where you can get organizations to raise funds with 5 of our products.  Watch the video to hear about the 5 products you will be presenting to them.  Sign up below for our Massive Training to learn how to get many many organizations to present it to.  Click Here for more information

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